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Premium Technical Translations
by Industry Experts 

Mitigate Risk • Access Critical Insights • Navigate Regulations

All translators at Techne Translations are experts in their fields. Our team's technical and industry competence, plus a workflow built around quality, brings exceptional value to clients with complex products and regulatory requirements. Does your language service provider need to know your product before you execute in another language? Techne Translations' mission is to understand our clients' applications in depth.

Subject Matter Expert Translation

Your mission-critical texts, translated by verified experts in the field. All translations are reviewed by a second linguist, ensuring maximum quality.


Modeled after the ISO 17100:2015 translation standard, editing is a required step in every project. Independent review by a second experienced translator significantly reduces the risk of mistranslations.


All eyes on you? Proofreading ensures that your words are ready for publishing. A cost-effective way to protect your brand.

Linguistic Sign-Off (LSO)

With LSO, native linguists can fix issues with a text in final layout, guaranteeing a polished, turnkey product.

Layout & DTP Services

Handling of a wide range of file formats including FrameMaker, InDesign, AutoCAD and more.


We specialize in the following 

translation service categories

Medical, scientific, technology, engineering and other highly technical industries count on Techne Translations to deliver quality translation services backed by personalized service and a commitment to accuracy. We work only with select clients to ensure mutual benefit and satisfaction.


Our services are GDPR- and HIPAA-compliant.

Patent Translation

Patents represent valuable intellectual property. The cost of subject matter expert patent translation is a pittance next to the cost that errors or omissions could have for your organization. Have your IP translated by professionals who know the field and the process.

Science, Technology, Engineering & Industrial Translation

High-stakes scientific and industrial operations rely on clear, accurate communication of ideas. Whether a whitepaper, report, research article, or operating manual, our experts use their industry-specific knowledge to deliver superb translations. 

Medical Device Translation

We specialize in managing the risks around medical device translation. Combining the knowledge of experts with a stringent quality assurance process, Techne Translations puts patient safety first. Whether HCP-facing, patient-facing, eLearning, or regulatory materials, your documentation is in safe hands.

Clinical Trial Translation &
Back Translation

Clinical trials are subject to stringent regulations. Have your clinical trial materials confidentially translated by certified medical experts with years of experience handling clinical trial documentation.

Fields of Specialization

  • Pharmaceuticals

  • Clinical trials

  • Contract research

  • Medical devices

  • Physics

  • Chemistry

  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing

  • Industrial automation

  • Plant engineering

  • Process technology

  • Casting technology

  • Materials science

  • SAP

  • Logistics & supply chain management

  • Electrical engineering

  • Mechanical engineering

  • Nuclear engineering

  • Automotive engineering

  • Petroleum engineering

  • Aerospace engineering

  • Construction & civil engineering

  • Mining & geotechnical engineering